Other stations...

We understand that we may not be everyone's cuppa tea with regard to our approach to music, or programming. So, for those who prefer a different style, we invite you to check out one of the awesome stations listed below...

The ONE is not connected in any way with the above broadcasters, aside of our shared passion and desire to share the good news of Jesus Christ, via radio. 

Additional resources...
  • New Zealand Bible Society - First for providing access to God's word - our blueprint for life! We're so blessed to partner with the Bible Society, by bringing you excerpts  from the NLT Kiwi Audio Bible every hour.

  • The Last Reformation - doing as Jesus commanded, this worldwide movement is passionate about sharing the full gospel of Jesus. Be inspired, check 'em out! 

  • The Marriage Course - from the people who bring you Alpha. This is for already great marriages, as well as those that need a bit of a hand up.

  • NZ Home Church For those who want to know about, and be involved with home church in your area

  • Derek Prince New Zealand - Insightful weekly Bible teaching

  • Bible Gateway - Online Bible search throughout many translations

  • Blue Letter Bible - Online Bible search throughout many translations

More resources will be added soon, so be sure to come back!

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