We're rollin' out the big guns!

Updated: Feb 3

Prince, Conlon & Wilkerson...

You know how we air Derek Prince's legacy teaching every weekday, right?

Well, now you can catch up with solid Bible teaching each and every weekend from Carter Conlon and legacy teaching from David Wilkerson, both from Times Square Church in New York. They're part of our Weekend Reflections.

Carter Conlon can be heard every Saturday @ 5am, 9am and again at 7pm.

David Wilkerson can be heard every Sunday at the same times.

Derek Prince can be heard Saturday & Sunday @ 4am, 10am and 8pm. This is a full compilation of Derek's teaching from the week just ended, just incase you missed out during the week.

Weekend Reflections - it's your place for the best in teaching, praise, worship and music for reflection, all weekend long - and it's only found here, at your Jesus Radio - The ONE!

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