Steppin' up...

Hey everyone,

It's always been our preference to seek donations from businesses and organisations to help offset the costs of bringing The ONE to you.

However, due to the COVID situation, many of the businesses who have supported us to date, are not in the position to do so at this point in time. This is completely understandable. Yet, like everyone else, our bills need to be paid too.

So, we're asking you to help support us financially for a while.

If you have some spare cash that you can throw our way, we'd be more than appreciative. It'll help keep us on-air until businesses are in a better position to help support us again.

You can find more info here:, or just smack that 'Donate' icon beside the 'Listen Live' icon at the top of our website.

If you can, please do it now. It's so easy to forget.

Many blessings!

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