This weekend on Living Reflections...

No ads, No DJs. Just the best praise, worship & inspirational teaching - all weekend long!

Inspirational Teaching from:

Derek Prince: What God’s word will do for you, Pt. 1

Sat/Sun - 4am, 10am & 8pm

Carter Conlon: Why Do Preachers Lie?

Sat: 5am, 11am & 7pm

David Wilkerson: God's Loving Response to Grief

Sun: 5am, 11am & 7pm

Please note the time change from 9am to 11am.

Plus, all your favourite church music from the 70s to today - without commercial interruption and DJ banter.

Weekend Reflections start from midnight Saturday and runs through to 6am Monday.

Make sure you check it out! See you then!

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