The choice is yours...

Should we continue our news service for the foreseeable future?

VOA is an awesome international news service, which we have been granted access to for a price we simply couldn't resist.

It helps fill the gap left by our local news services when it comes to whats happening internationally. Additionally, this service is unusual in that it pretty much takes a non-partisan view, broadcasting facts rather opinion masquerading as fact.

Lately though, due to COVID-19, newscasts are recorded from a remote location and as a result sound quality has diminished.

We wonder if, as COVID-19 seems to take a tighter hold and news bulletins become more absorbed, if you would like us to take a break from the news for a while?

Because we are responsive to you our listeners, we are asking you what you think...

Should me suspend these newscasts and continue our usual broadcast without news bulletins; or. are you happy to be kept up-to-date from this uniquely different perspective during this time?

Please let us know your thoughts by either logging in and leaving a comment here, or following us on Telegram.

We look forward hearing from you!

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