Teaching - are we bearing fruit?

We need your help!

For a very young station such as ours, brimming with enthusiasm to share this one precious mess age of salvation to all who wish to hear, we consider teaching is a key objective.

However, we have noted that very few actually tune in to listen.

Every week we try to bring words of inspiration; words to challenge and encourage us all to take up His cross daily, without fear, living like those called by His name.

It takes time to source these teachings, to listen to them and edit where necessary, load them into our scheduling system and make sure they are ready for air-play. Edits are only made where time constraints are an issue, or where tradition is taught without Biblical foundation or substance.

Ofcourse, we have no problem continuing with this, but only where there is a need, where we can see it has a chance to bear fruit in people's lives.

So, here's the deal... We'll leave it our teaching slots as they are for the duration of the lockdown. During that time, please tell your family, friends, acquaintances - anyone who might benefit from the teaching - over the weekends on Living Reflections - to tune in during those times. If we see a significant rise in listenership, we'll keep things as they are. If not, we'll scale them back, potentially removing some speakers altogether. That would be a sad day indeed.

Please help us to help you (and those around you).

Maybe you have an idea which we may not have considered. If so, please let us know either by email, Telegram app or logging in an leaving a comment here.

Have an awesome day, and thanks in advance for your help!

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