Our web-stream will be back soon!

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Our web-stream has been removed temporarily. Keep reading to find out more...

During late December, came the discovery we weren't as covered as first thought with regard to music airplay.

"not a great look for a station that espouses freedom from sin, eh?"

Each year we pay, as any responsible broadcaster does, for the commercial airplay of the music we play. However, somehow we overlooked the incidental music you hear between songs: IDs, jingles, promos, etc...

As soon as we became aware of this oversight, we decided to pull our live stream altogether until we can redo all the events required to become compliant.

We felt it not a good look to continue broadcasting, all the while knowing we would be violating the rules. No matter which way we looked at it, continuing would be nothing less than a willful act of sin on our part - not a great look for a station that espouses freedom from sin, eh?

Our refreshed and updated web-stream will return in a couple of weeks, promoting only the gospel of Jesus Christ - in all it's fullness.

Please pray for us that we might be a strong tower for the gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ, and many will be drawn to salvation and freedom from sin in His name through our ministry and others like us.

Please check back regularly for updates.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

God bless,

The ONE - Jesus Radio

New Zealand.

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