Growing, growing, growing!

Hey everyone,

Having resolved our networking issues, we're now back and streaming ahead proclaiming the gospel message!

Much has happened since we slipped into (and out of) lockdown. So much for us all to be thankful to God for.

We're getting some very positive feedback from listeners and our Facebook page has cracked the 700 mark in a matter of a few short weeks of it's existence. In addition, our stream logs show we are making some awesome gains in listeners, increasing month after month.

Please share these and/or our Facebook posts with your unsaved friends. Who knows, God may use them to draw them closer to Him. Even your church friends may benefit. Show you care. Share!

We've been noticed by the nation's grand-pappy Christian radio network. They kindly reached out to offer their support. I was a little surprised at first, but am thankful they don't seem to see us as a threat, rather complimentary. We are, after all, quite different to their current offerings. God is indeed good.

I made a decision with regard to The ONE over lockdown: that we will always remain a station with a singular focus. That is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the hope only found in Him.

It's very tempting and easy to get distracted from the task Jesus set for us. Especially as the day draws closer to His return. There is so much fear and anxiety both inside and outside the church and seems to increase everyday as we read news reports from our various media.

But the good news is God knows the beginning from the end. He alone knows how this is will pan out and He'll be with us through it all. We have no need to worry about what's ahead, we just need to keep our eyes focused on the prize ahead, and proclaim His gospel message.

It's also very tempting to fall into the trap of 'Christian hating on Christian' as we see pretty much everyday on YouTube. Sure, we have tares growing up with the wheat, Jesus said we would. He also said they'd be rooted out by Him. Most of us know who these charlatans are, Jesus definitely does - and will deal with them himself. Ours is to pray that they'll repent, along with a world that all the while is dying without Jesus. Can I just add, if those who are called by His name spent less time sharpening their swords against each other, and used them against our adversary, the devil instead, we'd see more won to Christ. You see, Jesus said they (those unsaved) will know you are mine by the love you have for one another. I'm pretty sure when an unsaved person sees the infighting on places like YouTube, it only confirms their desire to remain unsaved. Opportunity lost.

The ONE will remain free of all this, remaining true to the gospel message alone. A place where listeners can find true peace and hope as they surrender all at the feet of Jesus.

God has provided marvelously income through my day job, allowing The ONE to fund the basics for another year. The ONE has been so blessed by other businesses and organisations who have caught our vision and donated. Sadly many are now feeling the effects of COVID and haven't been able to support us this time round. Our prayer is that God will lift you and your business up as you glorify Him each day.

Please spare a prayer for the many small businesses, particularly ones run by our brothers and sisters in Jesus, who are feeling the strain right now. Consider buying local rather than online. It might be a little more expensive, but see it as supporting those in your community - help keep them employed.

Probably enough from me for now...

Many blessings, and keep proclaiming the gospel message far and wide!


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