Greetings everyone, in Jesus wonderful name!

I hope this finds you all well.

God is good. Even when times are hard.

First, thanks to you who donated to us this month. You are totally amazing! Rest assured, your kind donation has already been put to good use. More on that later. If anyone else wants to help us get the gospel out, financially, it would be hugely appreciated. Just head to our website and click "Freely Give" for more info. 'Nuff said for now.

So this month we did a slight refresh of some of our station IDs. It's always a good idea to keep things fresh. The catch-phrase "Refreshing Different" is a reference to our promotion of the gospel as opposed to what the world offers. Don't worry, we're still sticking with the no ads, no DJs format. :-)

We've also included a nationwide weather forecast, which plays Monday - Friday and is updated 2-3 times daily.

Tomorrow (Monday) sees our last day on Facebook. We're leaving mainly because of Facebook's algorithms, our posts don't get delivered to every timeline of those who have liked our page. Infact, we'd be fortunate to reach 5% of those who like our page. Secondly, Facebook is becoming very unfriendly toward Christian voices, and frankly better platforms are out there. Finally, responses to posts have been falling markedly over the past few months, probably as a result of the algorithms used.

If you want to stay informed, this blog is a good start. We'll also be using our MeWe page and Signal as our primary social media portals. Ofcourse, you can still contact us by phone, txt or email.

This month we were granted permission to utilise the NLT Kiwi Audio Bible for our scripture readings, both on the hour and throughout the day. These excerpts will be gradually phased in over the next few weeks. The Kiwi Audio Bible is an awesome score for us, because it's voiced by a guy who many of you will be familiar which, especially if you've listened to Rhema before. Andrew Urquhart has an amazing voice talent, and we're stoked it's him who will be delivering the word of God for us! So, special thanks to both The NZ Bible Society and Rhema for allowing us to use the NLT Kiwi Audio Bible. Christian's helping Christians proclaim the gospel. Awesome! We were happily able to buy a copy from the donation received this month. Thank you again!

We've also met with another Gospel proclaiming station, this time ministering to the predominantly Indian community here in New Zealand. Please pray with us as we seek more partnerships to help proclaim God's message throughout our country. If you have any unsaved (or saved) Indian friends and family, feel free to point them to LifeTalk NZ's website -

Well, my dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, that's pretty much it for now. Have a blessed month ahead, don't be fearful with regard to sharing your faith. There are many out there who want to know. Don't forget to get your family and friends tuning in, or atleast point them to our website where they can see the gospel message for themselves.

Many blessings!


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