FM, or not FM... That is the question!

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Hey everyone, hope you all having an awesome week!

Over the weekend, I mused over the number of inquiries we've had about which radio frequency people should tune to in order to listen to us.

So, here's why we currently broadcast exclusively online...

To broadcast on FM, one needs to first decide which towns and cities they want to broadcast into. Once decided, the station needs to have a frequency 'engineered' for those locations. Essentially, that means that station pays a technical expert to find a frequency that will work in that area without causing interference with other users and make that frequency available for use. Sometimes there are frequencies which can be engineered, most times not. A station pays for each location, regardless as to whether a frequency can be made available. When a frequency is successfully engineered, that frequency is immediately held until it can go up for tender where anyone can bid for it. Depending on the area concerned, these frequencies can be auctioned for hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. They are prime real estate for broadcasters.

From time to time, certain frequencies in certain locations go up for public tender. The last tender was a few years back. There is no indication when the next one might be.

It costs hundreds or thousands of dollars to have a frequency engineered per town/city/area. It can then cost huge money to make a decent bid for the frequency that you have just paid to have made available.

There is some GOOD NEWS though for our smaller locations.

The Government has made available to small operators the use of unlicensed, low power transmitters. These work very well when an antenna mast is situated on a hill above a small town, providing coverage to that town and possibly the immediate area around it.

There are a few rules that need to be abided by, but they are free for use.

Being free for use, leaves the only payment being for the transmitter, antenna, mast and linking. This method is relatively inexpensive, though there may also be ongoing costs associated with getting our audio to the transmitter location.

So, as a matter of interest, how many of you live in such a town (of around 5000 or smaller)? Secondly, how many would be prepared to financially support the capital and/or ongoing costs for such a mission?

Thinking more ambitiously, how many of you living in other larger areas would be prepared to financially support FM coverage into our small towns and isolated communities who currently have no Christian voice on radio? (There are still quite a few.)

Right now, I'm just putting this out there to gauge interest. We have a heart to reach these small communities with the gospel, 'cos everyone needs to at least hear it in order to respond to it.

The thing is, we can't do it alone. We need your help to make it happen.

If this is something you'd like to help with, please contact us privately.

So, what say you?

Many blessings, Bryan.

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