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Sorry, couldn't think of a more imaginative title! :-)

Welcome everyone, especially to those who have recently joined us!

Last month we had a good hard look at where we are putting our promotional efforts and the 'fruit' that comes from those endeavours.

We concluded that Facebook doesn't really deliver for us - unless we pay for advertising with them. We are not opposed to this as we expect as a business they need to survive and this is the way they do it. All good. The thing is, when you advertise on Facebook, your ad goes to a new set of people who have not previously liked our page. There seems to be no mechanism to reach all the 1100 people who have already liked our page. Yes, we can reach new people, which is awesome, but not those we already have. Paid, or unpaid.

The way the algorithms are set at the moment, a mere handful actually have posts delivered to their timelines. Only, it would seem, when we talk about severely limiting our posts do the algorithms change. One such recent post was delivered to 380 people. Most posts get to around 50 out of 1100.

Combine this situation with the wider issue of censorship of Christian/conservative voices (for better or worse), it seems to us that Facebook, as a platform, is not fruitful or fertile ground for us.

We have made the decision to stick with Facebook for the foreseeable future, but post infrequently. Having a presence is still needed, so that new listeners can find us, but we'll use alternative methods as preference for communication.

Enter MeWe and Signal...

With all this in mind, we have set up accounts with both of these alternative services, and already we have over 400 follows on MeWe, and that's growing daily. We've not promoted Signal yet, but stay posted for details coming soon. This blog will also be used a lot more frequently.

In other news...

The month of January saw our largest listenership yet. Tantalisingly close to 1000 hrs overall for the month. This shows we are making progress getting the gospel message out. Ofcourse, we'd love it to be higher - and we'll get there, but I'm reminded of the Apostle who said not to despise small beginnings. Thank you so much for your support and listenership!

During January we also started trialing hourly weather updates. Whether they become a permanent fixture remains to be seen, but we feel they maybe helpful to our listeners and add a sense of professionalism. The trial means they'll mainly play throughout the weekends with the occasional update arrived during the week, building up to 7 days. All other times, we'll have an announcement pointing listeners to the MetService link on our website.

We were asked to provide NZ-based hourly news bulletins, which we decided not to pursue at this stage. Mainly because by nature of us broadcasting online, people can choose their news from other sources; there is only one local news service we can subscribe to, but without the sponsorship of a few businesses, we couldn't afford it on our own; there are other things we need to put time, effort and money into to help advance the good news, rather than support predominately bad news that comes from news services; and finally, we couldn't find a service that just presented the news as fact, rather than opinion dressed up as fact.

January also saw a refresh in some of our jingles, with a few more to come. Special thanks to Peter Evans, who really is the voice of The ONE. If you need any voiceover work done, we could not recommend Pete enough. Flick us an email if you'd like to be connected with him.

Finally, we're seeking the services of a marketing guru and web designer (familiar with Wix Mobile) who believe in our mission and would like to partner with us to get The ONE out into the marketplace. So, if that's you, please make contact. We'd love to here from you!

As many of you will know, we are supported only by you our listeners and 1 or 2 businesses. Frankly, it's not enough to get us through 2021. We do our best and are faithful to use what's given. 100% of what's given goes right back into this work. No one takes anything for themselves, not a cent. We'll have some large bills rolling in from next month which will need to be paid in order to keep us going. It's very true that God is faithful, but are we faithful to do as he calls us? If you feel God urging you to give, please don't ignore that still, small voice.

Well, that's about it. Thanks again for taking the time to read this and pray for us.

Many blessings!


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