Did you know...

Wherever you are around Aotearoa, within shot of an Internet signal, you're never far from the gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ - and the best part is... you don't need an FM radio to receive us! Whether you're on the road across town, or town to town, at home, church, visiting friends - wherever - you can tune in online. Awesome music (we know, 'cos we picked it), with no ads or DJ's! Just visit our website, download the app, plug your phone into your car stereo (or bluetooth it), and you're connected to the crystal-clear sound of The ONE, your Jesus Radio. Listen at home on your PC, Mac, Linux, Android or iPad, laptop, desktop or tablet by simply visiting our website and click "Listen Live". Couldn't be easier. Bin your transistor and step into the 20's!

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Call or txt: 020 4THEONE/020 4843663, or email us!