An encouragement through testimony...

For as long as I can remember I have held a keen interest in radio. From a six year old, spinning records on my parents radiogram and listening to Sunday morning Kid shows, yeah radio has been my thing for a very long time. Fast forward 43+ years, I find myself pioneering this work, with some very amazing people. It humbles me so much to see such enthusiasm for this. Thank you! It's been a long time in the making. Had my way ofcourse, this would have been on air much sooner, but it would have also have been a unmitigated disaster, because it wouldn't have been God's perfect timing. God birthed this vision in me many years before I even understood what it really meant to be a Christian. Sounds weird I know. Please allow me to explain... He needed for me to know that before I did anything for Him, I actually needed to know Him first. Sure, I had said a little prayer asking Jesus into my heart when I was 13. I was saved, But was I really? I was still hopelessly trapped in my sin. Even at the age of 16 after I was baptised one cold October afternoon in Blenheim's Wairau River, nothing changed. I was still locked in my sin. No matter who I spoke to or what I tried I could not be free of it. I resigned myself to the fact that it was inescapable. It must have only been possible for the big men in the New Testament, which surely didn't apply to us today. Deep down though I was still nagged by it. The truth is, what applied to the early believers - still applies to us today! Four years ago, I heard the clear gospel message for the first time. Then I understood, also for the first time what my response to it should be. The thing is, for the majority of my life, I thought I knew Jesus - as in had a relationship with Him, when I really only had a deep knowledge of Him. I knew the rules and failed to live by them. I didn't understand the gospel message and I didn't understand what the Biblical response to it was. So, I was still living in my sin, unforgiven. It was a very hard thing for me to accept that the theology I had based my entire life on, was a lie. Strangely, it didn't match up with what's written in the Bible. It's not always easy to accept the truth when it hits you between the eyes! But, the love of God lead me to true repentance. I had a revelation (the penny dropped, however you'd like to put it) about what actually happens when you go under the waters of baptism, as we see in Romans 6. That the devil can't hold down a dead man. That day I found the freedom from sin that Christ died for us all to have. From that day, I have been walking in that freedom. Those familiar sins are now long gone. It was almost as if the devil said "My time is up here, time to move on". The struggles I had with sin are no more. I'm I perfect? Not by a long shot! But, I have a freedom and peace that I've never experienced before, and the best part is - it's not just for me, but anyone who truly wants to follow Jesus. Alive to Christ, dead to sin. That's what The ONE is all about. Our sole purpose is to proclaim the gospel - both outside and inside the church, to those who like me need to hear the clear gospel message and have a chance to respond accordingly. Much love in Christ, Bryan Heath, Founder.

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