Ahhh, Facebook...

Updated: Apr 8

...where you can now share us with your friends!

Yes, we understand the issues regarding Facebook, but it is still the undisputed place that has the biggest market share of where Kiwi's hangout online, infact a staggering 54% of us use this platform alone.

That's 54% of us that can be reached with the gospel in one place 24/7.

It's also a fairly cost-effective mechanism for getting the word of our existence, and ultimately His gospel out there to a huge cross section of our amazing country who may have never heard this life-giving, life-changing message. There will also be those who have heard the gospel message before, but need to hear it again - and want respond to it.

So, here's the link to our new Facebook page: fb.me/theonejesusradio

We invite all you, Facebook peeps, to not only like our page, but more importantly share our page on your timelines. Doing so will be the easiest and quickest way of helping promoting us and the gospel to all of your Facebook friends and families - and their friends and families.

By utilising both Facebook and Telegram (which I blogged about a few days back), opens more communication tools for us to spread the gospel and help extend God's Kingdom.

Alternatively, just follow the Facebook icon on the top right of our homepage, next to the Telegram icon... Which is next to the weather/traffic icon.

You get the idea. Thanks for your support.

See you there!

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