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To help you tune in online, rip into one of the appropriate links below from your device, or simply listen via your web browser on your PC, Mac, laptop or tablet.

From your web browser, just go nz and click on the 'Listen Live' icon, top-right of the page. Click again to stop listening. Easy as.

Our official Google app:…

Apps for other devices, IE: Apple, Android, Sonos, Samsung, and many more...


Online RadioBox for Apple:…

Online RadioBox for others: for Apple: for Android:

OpenRadio for Android:

Once downloaded and installed, search 'the one - jesus radio' to start listening.

Sorry, we don't broadcast on traditional radio frequencies at this time. God willing, that will come.

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1 - Share, share share!

We all know people who need to hear the full gospel of Jesus. Some of them are our Facebook friends. We encourage you to share our posts with them too. Who knows, maybe they'll even respond to the gospel message.

2 - Listen in regularly to us.
Our whole purpose is for people to hear the gospel and encourage those already living the faith. But how will they hear if no one tells them? (Romans 10:14-15).

3 - Post a review on Facebook or Google.
Once you've listened to us for a while, let others know what you think. That's one small way you can help more people to hear the gospel, while encouraging us at the same time.


Thanks so much!

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