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Encouraging believers to become disciples of Jesus, and experience the life He really has for us!

 Broadcasting exclusively online, we cover the whole of New Zealand with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Haere Mai, Welcome! 


For most of my life, I genuinely believed that I was a born-again Christian. I had asked Jesus into my heart when I was 13, and was baptised in water when I was 16. I attended church and tried to live right according to what the church leaders taught.

The thing is, nothing really changed. I was still stuck in the spiral of sin with seemingly no way out - no matter how hard I tried. I had a pious outward expression of Jesus, but no actual evidence of His Spirit living resident in me.

Thankfully, that all changed about 4 years ago - 35 years after I made that first confession of faith.

I had a revelation about two things which set me free from the religious course I had been following, to being transformed by the true born-again nature that Christ actually died for us all to have.

I discovered what repentance actually means, and the real purpose behind being baptised in water - the transaction that takes place from being a slave to sin, to a child of the Living God. (Romans 6)

Today, I spend much of my time communicating this urgent and vital message, both outside (and sadly) inside the church. 

The ONE is an expression of this revelation, borne from a life-long desire to share the gospel of Christ and His kingdom, via radio. 

My hope is that you are blessed - and challenged - as you live your life as a disciple of Jesus, doing the things He did - everyday!

There is no better life, than the life that's truly lived for Christ!

Bryan Heath


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How do I tune in?

Musically speaking, our format consists largely of music carefully and specifically chosen for it’s challenging and encouraging nature. Our weekday playlist is loosely aimed at those aged between 24-54, with musical genres ranging from Adult Contemporary Hits though to Worship. There's a sprinkling of other genres throughout the day too, including Country, Hip-Hop, and Reggae.


Every weekend, and weeknight (except Friday) we depart form our usual programming to bring you only praise, worship & reflective music with some short-form teaching. There's a bit of the old, a bit of the new and a bit of the old made new!


Make sure you join us for Living Reflections, Mon-Thur: 9pm-6am & Sat: 12am to Mon 6am. Living Reflections is loosely aimed at those aged between 35-65.


Aside of music, we have some awesome short teaching throughout the day, to help challenge and motivate us to live more like Jesus, living as He and the early believers did, in the power of the Holy Spirit. These play around 25 mins and 40 mins past the hour Mon-Fri, and on the half hour during weekends.


Thanks to Nelson Publishing, for allowing us to use excerpts from The NKJV Audio Bible for our hourly NKJV Daily Bites. Bringing the power of the Holy Spirit to the Internet airwaves!

New Zealand weather and traffic updates are carried as links from our website, to ensure you have the very latest information.

...and, ofcourse, the full gospel message, pointing the way to salvation through Jesus Christ alone -

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.

So, what makes up our programming?